Das Tagebuch eines Kurfuerst

His Shadow's Dumping Ground For Spite, Angst, and Other Unspeakable Things

This journal may contain explicit adult content.

9 November 1975
Austin, Texas, United States
Central Texas College - Killeen TX (1993 - 1995)
Texas Tech University - Lubbock TX (1996 - 1998)
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amtgard, anime, anti-marijuana, armor, astrology, biogenetics, bushido, cannibalism, capital punishment, cavalry, coheed & cambria, conquest, crusades, divine right, dueling, edm, eugenics, evolution, fantasy, george rr martin, germany, holy roman empire, imperialism, iraq, literature, manifest destiny, medieval society, medieval warfare, menarchist, mensur, nietzsche, progressive music, psychology, religion, republicans, rts pc games, sci-fi, scorpio, secret societies, social engineering, swordsmanship, tanks, techno, tolkien, torture therapy, trance, us army, war, warhammer 40k, will to power, zeon
Born in 1975 during the coldest winter in Kentucky's history, sharing the year with the Fall of Saigon, the birth of the VCR, the birth of Altair 8800 and the microcomputer age, the Watergate scandal, and the beginning of the end for quality US television thanks to NBC, CBS, and ABC getting together to invent the morally-conscious "Family Hour" on television viewing. Conveniently, 1975 was also supposed to be the year of Armageddon for Jehovah's Witnesses: too bad for them they were right, but not the way they thought it would go down. Spent formative years in Germany, staring at Soviets across the Czech border. Returned to the States in 1993 and now only tend to leave to go kill people and blow shit up elsewhere.
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